Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blog Fest -- Blog Fest -- Prank I love

Hello Everyone,

Hello Everyone, I am organizing a blog-fest on my blog.  Well, all you need to do, is to post about a prank you played on your blog. Share the link here and visit other followers. Why are we holding the blog-fest??

      I am just happy, to tell you all, that my blog has 50 followers now. Well, it may not be a great figure to you, but to me, it is a lot. 

      I was consistently told, that writing is useless and that I must put my efforts into something else by almost everyone. Today, I understand that,  there are people out there who read my blog once and want to come back again and again. This is a good source of inspiration for me!!

      Since, I am in a very very cheerful mood, I will share a prank I played long back. This prank is my entry to the blog-fest. I Love pranks when I play them, not when someone plays them on me. I just want to recall one such prank I played in my school days.


     I live in an apartment with another 30 families or so. My neighbors have shifted to a new locality. The house is empty and will be occupied by Ms. Tanya tomorrow. I wanna do something special.

    I woke up, the next morning with a special idea. I know what to do. Waited, waited and waited for the paperboy. I wanted to do something cool and yet make friends with Ms. Tanya. So I replaced the today’s paper of Tanya with my yesterday's paper 

Cartoon Newspaper, Newspaper Cartoon, newspaper, cartoons
NewsPaper Cartoon
    I was sitting in the corridor, reading my newspaper waiting to see the shock in Tanya’s face. She was really irritated about the paper. I the charming, smart, young, talented neighbor, gladly shared my paper with her. Well this was the story for the next one week or so.
          What happened to the prank? On the eighth day, Tanya caught me  changing the paper. I couldn’t babble an answer. I just smiled and said a good morning to her. Well she smiled at-least. Probably not angry, for we became good friends by now.
  I am eager to read your posts!! Let me know about your pranks.

with warm regards


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I'm super bad at pranks, LOL!

Congrats on 50 followers! :D

Crystal Collier said...

LOL. See, constructive pranks are so awesome!

Congrats on 50!

Theresa Milstein said...

I don't do many blogfests. This sounds like a fun one, so I'll read 'em even if I don't write one.

And congrats on your follower count. I was so clueless when I began blogging, it took me ages to get 50 followers.

Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations on 50 Followers! :)

I haven't played many pranks, LOL. I love yours, though--and it sounds like it ended well!

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