Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Humor in Uniform

Hello Everyone,

        I couldn't keep up to the challenge of A - Z blog challenge. Well, My apologies. I am gonna make good for it soon. For the blog challenge, I am posting excerpts from books. The title of book is so chosen that it coincides with the letter of the day. So this excerpt is from Dauntless of Lost Fleet Series for letter D.

      The following is a excerpt, of how humor can sometimes get things straight without using force. Captain Geary has to organize his ships to fight a battle in space. The battle ships have forgotten the disciplined manner of fighting and are believing that it is more important to face the enemy instead of following battle formations. Captain Geary, who is accustomed to old way of fighting is getting ready for the fight. Here is the excerpt:

      He pondered taking something for the headache growing between his eyes while he watched the errant ships somewhat sheepishly alter their courses. Except for Audacious, which kept edging in toward Resolution in an apparent attempt to bull the other ship aside so that Audacious could lay claim to what looked like a leading position 

      “Audacious, did you copy my last?” He waited a minute to see if Audacious would respond, but the warship kept sidling in toward Resolution. Fine. Let’s see if a little humor will defuse this without my having to relieve another commanding officer. “Audacious, be advised that if you are attempting to mate with Resolution, you might try buying her a few drinks first.”
Cartoon laughing face, cartoon laughing, cartoon scouts laughing
Cartoon Laughing Face

       Off to one side, Geary heard Captain Desjani almost choke on
her coffee. He heard no reply from Audacious, but the warship finally angled away and back toward its assigned station. A moment later, Resolution called in. “Alliance battle cruiser Resolution wishes to report that her virtue remains intact.”

        This time Desjani laughed, as did Geary. Good. That’s the sort of thing that indicates morale is okay. For the moment, at least.

You know any such situations from other books?? If yes, please do let me know. I somehow love them a lot. 

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