Thursday, April 14, 2011

Secondary Characters

Hello Everyone,

I am posting for the A - Z blogfest today. I already posted for the letter L here. Now I am gonna post for the missing letter K. J also will be covered soon. For the letter K, I choose the book black bawk down because there are no books in my shelf whose title begins with letter K. My goodness!! You got any suggestions for such books?? 

             Well, Black Hawk Down, is a military mission of the US, gone wrong, in Somali    a. Lots of bloodshed, lots of suffering. Please don't read this if you are weak at heart. People who can take gore, also must be warned. This is not about some fiction, this is a true story of patriots being slayed in cold blood of battle. Ha !! enough of my trials to frighten you all!!

Here is the excerpt:

       At the hangar in Mogadishu, the men had watched the dead soldier being dragged through the streets. They crowded into the back room and watched it replay on the screen. No one said a word. Some of the men turned away. The pilots wanted to mow them down, just mow them all down, land, and recover the body. But the commanders said no. There was a big crowd around the body. It would be a massacre.

      Sgt. First Class John Macejunas was getting ready to go back out. The blond Commando had gone out into the fight three or four times the day and night before. When the rescue convoy couldn't reach Durant's crash site, Macejunas had led a small squad to the
site on foot, scouring the area for his friends. Now he was dressed as a civilian, a journalist. He was going back out into the city to look for his brothers, alive or dead. The Rangers who saw him were in awe of the man's courage and cool.


Do you know any characters, secondary characters to be precise, who show iron will in the direst of the circumstances? How much importance must be given to them in the story? I mean while you are writing the story!!

with warm regards


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