Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Human Grease

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for patiently bearing with me and reading my blog. I enjoy whenever I see my stats. Though they are very very far away from "The decent Stats" I am still happy.
I started reading "Surviving the Fog" today morning and am going on well. I thought I will share a small excerpt from it with all of you!

"Ralph, that's most of your problem.  You are not polite most of  the time, and most of the time you don't even try to be polite.  Hear  me out," she said before he could growl. 

  "Think about a little ball bearing,” she began.  “It rolls around on its track doing its job.  But rubbing against metal causes it to heat up.  It gets angry.  And the metal gets angry right back.  So something has to be done to calm that anger.  So grease is put on that ball  bearing.  It soothes the friction between the ball bearing and the metal.  Bumping up against each other still makes the ball bearing  and the metal a little peeved, but that grease cools off both of them.   Ralph, politeness is human grease.   

  "Ralph, you are a decent person.  I say that because I trust you  with my kids.  But you don't practice politeness on a daily basis.  I want you to try a few things, please.  I want you never to ask anyone  in the house to do anything without saying, please.  And anytime  anyone does something that you have asked them, I want you to say,  thank you.  If you do that for me consistently, well then, at the end of  a month if they don't start responding better, I'll, well, I'll...knock 'em  on their butts."

Hope this article would help you in being more polite. No offense, I don't mean any one of you is impolite, I just mean we must refine ourselves all the time.

Don't forget to grab a copy of Surviving the fog here 

with warm regards


Praveen said...

you make a very strong point.. carry on the good work :)

Stan said...

This was part of Ralph's evolution from what he was at the Lodge to what he became at Davis Brown Farm.

AllMyPosts said...

Yeah Stan,

you are right. Your memory is really sharp. Thanks a lot for reading the post.

with warm regards

ali said...

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

I couldn't agree more on the importance of being polite. It costs us nothing and we can get so much more in return. Plus, just like that little ball bearing, YOU are happier when you're more polite too. It's just one big round, isn't it?

Thanks for this wonderful reminder!

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I look forward to seeing you around the dojo and cheering you on in your writing journey!

AllMyPosts said...

Hello Ms. Ali,

Thanks for taking the pain of visiting my blog and telling me about the NINJA badge.

I took one for my other blog viz

with warm regards

Pam Asberry said...

Abhishek, the world could definitely use a little more politeness. Thanks for the gentle reminder. :-)

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