Monday, April 11, 2011

Quotes from Inside Delta Force -- for A - Z blogfest

Hello Everyone,

   I already posted a excerpt from novel ICE STATION for the letter I in A - Z blog challenge. Yet, I am interested in sharing some quotes from one more interesting book I read. This time, it is called Inside Delta Force.

   Inside Delta Force, is non-fiction and explains quite a few things about how life is Inside Delta Force. How Delta Force is created and all such. Well, if you didn't hear about Delta Force, check them out here, they are the elite soldiers of USA.

The wonderful quotes are:

"The Guy Who Walked His Feet Off in Delta Force Selection."

"Remember that guy who came into the RV on the back of a motorcycle?"

"No, Parks, I quit smoking. It got too expensive supporting my habit and people like you,"

The Secret Service is the best-dressed and most well-groomed group of people you have ever seen.

If you don't know which person in a crowd is the American president, just pick out the seedy-looking man in the middle of a cluster of great looking folks.

A combat plan is an animal in a constant state of metamorphosis and is under continual revision right up until the first shot is fired--at which time it usually ceases to have relevance

"train the way you fight."

The surest way to identify a Delta Force Assault Team member is by that telltale callus on his firing hand. They all have one.

Which quote did you like the most?? What is your favorite military based quote??? I think I will add some more quotes after re-reading the book "Inside Delta Force"

with warm regards


mamtc said...

I thought US president as a goodlooking chap whether it is Clinton or Obama, they are handsome chaps for sure

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