Friday, April 8, 2011

Gods Must Be Crazy II

Hello Everyone,

Today, I am supposed to post something on letter G for the sake of A - Z blog challenge unless I have wrongly presumed that G follows F. Ha! The theme I choose for the challenge is to post an excerpt from a novel everyday, whose title starts with the letter of the day. Unfortunately, I haven't read any book, whose title starts with G. So I am gonna post about Gods Must Be Crazy II. A comedy movie, which I watched yesterday.

Here is the plot summary from Wikipedia


The film is split into four stories:
  1. Xixo trying to find his lost children
  2. Two elephant poachers traveling in a truck on which Xixo's children are stuck
  3. A man and a woman are stuck in the desert
  4. Two soldiers fighting each other
The story starts with two elephant poachers crossing the area in which Xixo's tribe lives. Curious about their vehicle, Xixo's son Xiri and daughter Xisa climb into the water tank trailer and are subsequently taken for an involuntary ride as the poachers continue. Xixo follows the truck on foot, determined to retrieve his children. 

A young lawyer named Ann Taylor arrives at a bush clinic to participate in a lecture. Since she has some spare time, she accepts the invitation by a young man to take a joy ride in his two-seat, twin engined ultralight aircraft. They go to see scientist Dr. Stephen Marshall, who exchanges places with the other pilot so he and Ann can continue on, but the plane crashes, stranding them both in the middle of the Kalahari desert. In addition, war is brewing, personified by a lost Cuban soldier (Mateo) and his Angolan enemy (Timi), who repeatedly attempt to take each other prisoner.

In the course of the movie, all these people cross paths with Xixo and/or his children. Finally, the plot culminates in the poachers capturing Xixo, Taylor, Marshall, and the two soldiers. Xixo manages to save them, and one of the poachers, who is actually a nice guy kept under the heel of his boss, gives Xixo directions to his children. The boss poacher is captured, both soldiers still don't come to terms and part with the Cuban frustratedly admitting to being the Angolan's prisoner. The Angolan responds by stating "I don't want you! You're a shitty prisoner!".Taylor and Marshall return to civilization (though not without an embarrassing accident), and Xixo and his family are happily reunited.

Here is a video from youtube, showing something funny from the movie

Hope you guys loved the movie. If ever, I find the same in form of book, I wouldn't keep it down till I finish it all.Of late, I read a quote saying "Never judge a book, by it's movie". What have you guys got to say about the quote???

with warm regards


Trisha said...

Aww, these films were some of our faves when we were kids :)

Trisha said...

By the way, welcome to the Chrysalis Experiment! :D We are very happy to have you join us :) I'll add you to our participants list!

Mercy said...

I remember watching those films as a kid. Funny then, still funny now.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the movie .. but the clip here is very cool!!! Let me try.

thanks for sharing.

Leovi said...

Very funny but I liked the first part. Regarding the questions he asks about my photography, I do not follow any trend, but what comes to my mind, the gimmicky name that try to capture the viewer's attention and spark their imaginations. Greetings.

Anonymous said...

When my novel "Men" was made into a movie, my editor told me left the video cassette on his dashboard int he hopes that it would melt...and, yeah, I got tired of people wanting to see the movie before reading the book.

The Gods Must be Crazy was great though

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