Sunday, April 17, 2011

Going Crazy in absence of people???


    after a long day, how do you feel like? I feel like I have none to chat with. Though through out the day I keep on chatting with someone or the other, eating their brains and irritating them like hell, I literally feel i  don't hate myself for not having more people to chat with.

    Well, I dunno if I am suffering from something, but I read a article which seemed so true about myself that I wanna post about it. It was saying 2 things.

   1) During the day, I feel I am chatting with more people than necessary and wasting time doing random things for them.

   2) At the end of day, When I sit down to do some real work,  I feel I need to chat with someone else.

Ha Ha !!!! Cool about me!!! right?? What could be my problem?? Well, I always need someone with whom I can relate to, with whom I can be truthful and share myself with.

   The article in question is here. Do have a glimpse about it for sure.

with warm regards


Author Joshua Hoyt said...

This is an interesting thing. I think it is important to talk to others but at times it can get in the way :)

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