Thursday, April 21, 2011

Creative Titles

Hello Everyone,

    I was going through some articles online. I was checking out the headings of many a blog posts!! Some of them are quite creative in themselves. 

    Well, for any aspiring author a creative title, gains good amount of recognition. Sometimes, the title reflects the contents of the entire book itself. There may be a hundred and one rules about choosing the titles, but listening to your intuition and heart create good titles as per me!!

    So I thought I will create a list  cool names which I feel are creative, funny, interesting, eye catching and ... They are as follows

  • StarsLetMeDown     (For a biography) 
  • HireMeNot                (For a cover letter) 
  • Wild Child                  (For a vehicle) 
  • Free Wind                  (For a horse) 
  • Gone Askew              (For book on lost love) 
  • From the Depths        (For mystery novel) 
  • Lets Sing Aloud         (Personality development  book) 
  • Song of caged bird     (For some novel) 
  • Dance of Fate            (For a movie) 
  • Courting God's wife  (For a rommantic novel) 
  • Dead Broke                (Novel on financial stuff)

   Let me know how you feel about the names and your suggestions too. Do you like them? What are your favorite names?

   For, more catchytips for writers, do visit the following links

with warm regards


Gujjari said...

Some titles I like are :

The Path of Light (Auto Biography of CV Raman)
Love - Don't Let me down
Wars - Never End

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