Saturday, April 9, 2011

Harry Potter Surprise

Hello Everyone,

        For the A - Z blogfest, for the letter H, I already posted a excerpt from Hell Island here. I am a huge fan of  Harry Potter series.  Everyone of us, have read the Harry Potter series atleast twice I believe. We are all huge fans of the same right?So I thought I would post something about it.

        I couldn't afford Harry Potter books so I watched the first few movies in the series, and as soon as I could, I read the ebooks. I downloaded them from some blog or the other and read them. I fortunately / unfortunately laid hands on fake versions of books 5 & 6 from the series.

    They were really very very fascinating in themselves. I intend to share the summary of the books with you all.

Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix 
  • Voldemort tries to keep on improving his ranks. There is a mad race by Voldmort to acquire horcruxes
  • Harry takes a new pet, SNAKE, since it can see into future. 
  • Dacro and Dudley become friends with Potter. Relationships keep on becoming better. Harry is happy with his girl friend viz Hermione
  • The person who has the horcruxes is supposed to be immortal. So Dacro, Hermoine, Ron and Harry under guidance of Dumbledore, keep on working to gain them
  • A lot is told about the founders of Hogwarts and how some of thier objects become Horcruxes and the ways to acquire them and all such
  • Potter learns to turn into animal. Here Golden Griffin since he is from Gryffindor.
  • Lot of chasing and drama around the Peter Pettigrew. Peter brings Dudley closer to Harry only to take him away at last.
  • Ginny and Dacro, make a plot and ensure that Ron, Hermoine and Potter are taken prisoners by Peter and Mr. Malfroy only to be rescued by Dumbledore, Aurors and Minster of Magic
  • Dacro successfully proves to the world and the jury that Mr. Malfroy is a death eater. That he tried to recruit death eaters and killed few wizards since they didn't join him.
  • Mrs. Malfroy kicks Dacro out of Malfroy Manor. He is in league with Potter now. For the efforts, Dacro Ron Hermoine Harry Ginny, are awarded Order of Phonix
Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

  • Voldemort and Potter continue their race for Horcruxes. Harry is in lead with 4 of them in control of Dumbledore
  • The entire Hogwarts go to pyramids of Egypt for some sort of study tours.
  • The study tours have been in practice from long time ago, but have been canceled after an unfortunate event, viz student gone missing
  • The sixth horcrux is in pyramids. This is the most important of Horcruxes in this book.
  • Harry, Hermoine and Dacro fight hard and earn 3 Horcruxes in all.
  • The current owner of the necklace is Half - Blood Prince viz son of Weasley who was lost in and among the pyramids during the last study tour
  • The previous owner, had tricked the young Weasley during the study tour, into wearing the necklace and is now freely roaming around in the pyramids, making a glutton of himself and enjoying life
  • Harry Ron Weasley and Dacro, somehow fight a lot, take on the evil ones head on, cross all the traps to reach Half - Blood Prince, blast a major portion of pyramids, trick the original owner into wearing the necklace again and return to Hogwarts
  • All students escape safely from the pyramids, Dacro is presumed to be dead in the pyramid after the blast. Harry has the four horcruxes now.
  • Harry and Dumbledore talk a lot to each other. Go into past and some stunning revelations are made and it is established that Harry and Voldemort are some sort of relatives.
  • A new cards game is introduced wherein the cards would contain wizards on their faces. Each wizard has some powers, some strength, some weakness and all such
  • Foreign exchange students do come in for the cards tournament. One of the student is Voldemort himself disguised.
  • On the day of final tournament of the cards, Harry wins over Dacro, Voldemort attacks for the horcruxes. All the kids except Harry and his friends become slaves to Voldemort as he meddled with the cards.
  • Harry falters in the fight. Dumbledore comes to his rescue and calls Voldemort a tyrant.
  • It is reveled that Dumbledore is the master of Voldemort. Dumbledore saw dream where in he is god, the good (Potter) and the evil (Voldemort) are at bay and the world is at peace and all such. Hence All the seven books are due to attempts of Dumbledore to realize his dream

       Well, It went cool. There is lot more, regarding defense against dark arts classes, the fights between Vodemounts student form, Potter and Dacro in the classes, the duelling club, better relations between potter and snape, the narration and the concept of the book is really cool. I was and am still looking forward to read the last book in the fake series. I couldn't get my hands on the same till date!!!

How is the concept?? Liked it?? Feeling that this would be good toO??? Let me know!!What do you think should the seventh book in this fake series be like??

with warm regards


Trisha said...

Haha, I think I prefer the series the way it's actually written :D But looks like you had fun with this. ;)

Deniz Bevan said...

There are fake versions out there? Who on earth would do such a thing? That card game sounds kind of neat, though!

Abhishek said...


Hey Trisha, well, I sort of loved both of them.. I read the fake versions first, so loved them a little more!! Ha

There are fake versions out there Ms. Deniz Bevan, Popularity of the book has prompted many a budding authors to create something like that I believe!!!

Sri said...

I am the previlaged one to introduce him to those fake ones....


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