Friday, April 15, 2011

Resting is Passion

Hello Everyone,

   If you are looking for some cool advice about how to kick-start and work on your passion, and not ready to listen to some stupid boring lecture, then you are at right place.

The other day, My prof, as usual shared some cool advice to me. About writing, he is my current employer and knows that I am interested in writing a lot. Bless his heart, for he encourages me to run behind my passion and yet is strict enough to ensure I don't go berserk @ office.

      He actually invited me for a book reading function, the book was on Radha and Krishna and Indian mythology. I thanked him for the invitation, and skipped the function. I know, that mythology is not my cup of tea. Prof is aged above 50 to my knowledge, and I thought this is another meeting where heavy weight middle aged people speak about Indian Mythology wearing cotton shirts.

I was wrong, Prof was telling I was missed something great. I gave the subordinate's smile. The author was an engineer or so by profession. He had the burning passion in him and yet had to take care of his family and all such. So he decided he would convert passion into rest. Believe me I didn't understand this sentence. Prof was telling me that, the author had to travel all around India, learn a lot, research a lot and keep on updating his knowledge about Indian Mythology. The author instead of resting and relaxing on his weekends, did most of the work then.

He called the efforts he is putting for his passion as rest, he was sure he was resting. He told his mind and body that this is the right way to rest. My goodness, and see what he has achieved today.

I don't have credentials of this author. I shall update this post with his credentials soon.

with warm regards


Nicole said...

I'm not sure if I truly grasp the concept of resting as passion but it is worth thinking about for a while.

Pursuing one's passion is not always easy but can be rewarding, even if it is only an escape from the rest of the outside world.

The Madlab Post

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

A runner rests by running. That is his/her passion. This mans man researches/writes about Indian mythology. Indian mythology is his passion. He enjoys it so much that his body and spirit are rejuvenated by the research/writing.


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