Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hated your job??

Well, I have!!

               I just took a job, directly out of my under graduate diploma from SBTET. I am Engg. Trainee by profession. And that too, during the time of recession!! Many a good companies weren't ready to hire young men like me then, but my employer was. Bless him for the same. My pay is well, a little above $300 now. I literally hated my job and felt I must curl into a ball of dust whenever I see / hear about people who earn a lot more, when ever I hear news reported saying "an MNC declared 200% bonus to its employees / another MNC hiring 20,000 people" blah blah!!!

          Well, yesterday, during transit, I overheard a conversation between two bricklayers! They were speaking about their profession and their proficiency in the job. They were speaking about various foremen under whom they worked, how some of them ran away without paying the wages to these bricklayers, Yeah, it happens in India, the construction sector is largely unorganized, How some of their brick layers amassed a fortune due to dowry / real - estate boom and all such!! 

               I was lost into thought, I hate my job! Nothing wrong about it. I have my right to hate anything and almost everything Yet, I have a chance to change, I am not in rat race like these bricklayers, No offense, I can afford a milkshake whenever I want, I can take a leave every now and then, I am given some respect in the society, I can sit back and relax, I can do almost anything, I can update my skills and keep moving forward, I can topple all ladder-climbers and race ahead of them all, I can negotiate my pay, I can make myself happy, I can chat with my colleges beautiful, striking and attractive ones, I can go for further studies, I can pursue my passion and most importantly I can be happy with the current position itself! Blimey!! So many reasons to stop hating my job and start running behind my dreams!

         I am proud that I am taking care of my needs myself, I am happy I have chance for betterment and a chance to touch the horizons and re-write them all!!! Ha I needn't hate my job at all. I can change if I am willing! Ha, I needn't curse my boss after all!!

So all my reasons for hating the job are now gone!!! Have you got any reason to hate your job and not hate it??

with warm regards


Rajini Vinay said...

I don't hate my job at the same time I don't love it too.

I just want to get rid of people with masks.

Nothing more than that

Shannon Lawrence said...

I've hated plenty of jobs in the past, but am now lucky to be home with my kids and writing full time. I'm working on my first novel, too. Good luck to you on your writing, as well as with the A to Z Challenge and your job!

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

Thanks for your comment on my monster poem! That one was a fun one to write.

I try never to hate a job (though it is tough sometimes). I feel that in every job there is a purpose for me there (beyond just the job itself). Maybe it is to be an encourager for someone else. There are a lot of sad/unhappy people out there.

I try to see the positive side to my job (stability and comfort) and also see where I can serve others. A good job is truly a blessing.

I really enjoyed your post on this and like your example of the bricklayers.

The Write Soil

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