Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hello Everyone,

    For the post on W for the A - Z blog fest, I am over-riding my theme. I am gonna post about my dream viz WhiteBeard. White Beard, is one of the most deadliest pirate in the entire world. Well this is a character from One Piece my favorite anime 

    The White Beard aka Edward NewGate was famous for many reasons with the most important one says "He will never ever forgive anyone who harms his nakama. He is the ruler of sea and shouldn't be angered by plotting against one of his nakama"

    Well, One day, I intend to set up an organization named WhiteBeards. I am gonna invite all my friends viz spl, captian, eva, shark, iva, shanks, buggy, brook, ... into it.

    Well, this is gonna be a non-profit based organization. I am gonna pay all those buddies of mine for two reasons viz for spending cool time with me thereby making my life memorable and for spending time into charity stuff thereby making world a better place to live

    The activities of WhiteBeards will be very very simple, They play for a week, They do charity stuff for a week & then run behind their own dreams and passions for two weeks

    The striking feature is, once someone joins WhiteBeards, they will never never be fired and shall always be paid for because "when people are secure and are paid for what they love to do, they become happier, they work better and keep going all time" as told by Mr. Richard Rich Sr.

Hope I set this organization soon.


Rajini Vinay said...

Hi Abhi,
So when is ur Oneechaa joining ???

AllMyPosts said...

About three or four years.

Thats it. Not more.

Everyone have to wait till then

Ellie Garratt said...

What a wonderful idea!

Ellie Garratt

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