Saturday, April 16, 2011

A warm Hug

Hello Everyone,

      Probably some of you would be wondering what the title meant? Probably some of you would just laugh after reading this post but what I most wanted was a warm hug. I actually received a warm hug from someone unexpected at an unexpected time in the most unexpected way.

cartoon, thinking, troubles, problems cartoon
Troubled Thinking
      I have some troubles @ Church couldn't decide anything about Christ and wasn't sure if I should continue to believe and pray. I have some troubles, everyday troubles, sometimes a deadline at office / a restriction at home / a clash with someone whom I love / someone on whom I had crush getting married / and hell lot of everyday troubles we all face.

      I am happy all time, because I just decided happiness is a decision and one can be happy at anytime and about anything and nothing too. I was happy, smiling, laughing, cracking jokes, impersonating ducks and so on

Warm Hug, hug a dog, god hug, needed hug
Warm Hug
     I was asleep yesterday, though there were few abnormalities in yesterday, I slept with optimistic thoughts only. In the morning, I intend to wake up a four. My alarm rang, I shut it down and slept off. I was dreaming, I was in some sort of class and dunno from where but my grand pa was by my side. After seeing each other just seeing no nodding, no talking, no smiling,... he just came a little closer to me, hugged me real tight. I still remember the feel, I am living the feel this very moment. He said some prayer for me.  I don't remember what they were, I just
bears hugging, hugging, bear hug, warm hug
Bear Hug

 cried there with happiness in heart My goodness, I am in tears now too. This is what I wanted in my life.

    I decided, I can keep anyone happy, can cheer everyone around by being happy and such long back. But didn't know I too wanted someone who loves me, who knows my heart and who hugs me.

warm hug, dada, grand pa, grap
Grand Pa
    Probably I will someday hug him for sure and tell him, DADA I LOVE YOU, and hug him for long time. I just understood what is the importance of receiving warm hug every now and then.

with warm regards


Rajini Vinay said...

Good One Abhi.

Author Joshua Hoyt said...

This is such a wonderful message and it is so important that we decide to be happy and help others but it is just as important that we allow others to fill our souls as well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful message.

Crystal Collier said...

Nothing better than a big warm hug. =)

Ilene said...

This is very tender and touching. And I agree with you that happiness is a choice.

I met you through A-Z,

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