Saturday, April 30, 2011

What if?? A dragon is by your side???

Hello Everyone,

This day, in the history of blogging, the A - Z blog-fest for the year 2011 comes to an end. I am franatically trying to complete all the posts I am due. Well, for the letter V, I am choosing to post an excerpt from Voyage on Dawn Treader.

Well, almost everyone, knows about the Chronicles of Narnia, which revolve around creation of Narnia and the destruction of the same, the pride and strength of Aslan and the bravery of Peter, Susan, Edward, Lucy and of the other important characters. 

Posting something from Voyage on Dawn Treader is very very hard. There are hell lot of quotes I love from Repicheep. But, I choose to post something different. Here is the excerpt

Meanwhile Eustace slept and slept - and slept. What woke him was a pain in his arm. The moon was shining in at the mouth of the cave, and the bed of treasures seemed to have grown much more comfortable: in fact he could hardly feel it at all. He was puzzled by the pain in his arm at first, but presently it occurred to him that the bracelet which he had shoved up above his elbow had become strangely tight. His arm must have swollen while he was asleep (it was his left arm).

He moved his right arm in order to feel his left, but stopped before he had moved it an inch and bit his lip in terror. For just in front of him, and a little on his right, where the moonlight fell clear on the floor of the cave, he saw a hideous shape moving. He knew that shape: it was a dragon's claw. It had moved as he moved his hand and became still when he stopped moving his hand.

"Oh, what a fool I've been," thought Eustace. "Of course, the brute had a mate and it's lying beside me."

Wow!!! Tell me, how would you feel, waking up, to know that there is a dragon by your side?? What will you do?? Are you gonna be scared?? Well, me??? I am gonna die of heart attack for sure. What about you???

with warm regards


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