Saturday, April 16, 2011

The M blogfest

Hello Everyone,

       This post is in response to one of those awesome blog challenges which we all like. This one is posted by Wendy Tyler Ryan on her blog. The concept of this blog fest, is to post a 50-500 word scene or flash fiction with a dark feel. The M words to be used for this fest are:

 Isn't it cool?? Well, here is my try!!!

   Every moon lit night, I searched, along with my pack, for any idiot who wants to end us all, the supposed myth and night mare of all human kind. Listening to the better than heavy by the mongrel band and walking through the misty sub-growth, searching for the musky scent of those over-grown wolves, with all my senses alert.
     Well, I am looking forward, to meeting one of them. I haven't danced from long time. A fight, is a dance in itself, performed from ages past, by males usually to protect / impress the rest. Though I prefer Salsa and Mambo, today, my heart is thumping to perform the older and refined dance of HUNT. 

   Once, both of us face each other, the result will be entertaining, far more entertaining than all those vampires movies put together. My brother, lost his arm for a beta wolf, in one of these dances. I am gonna avenge it soon. I am waiting for my chance.
    Well, how is that? Did I portray a scene?? Or have I just packed some words like that??

with warm regards


Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Thanks for joining. This was good. I too, like salsa better than mambo!

Author Joshua Hoyt said...

This was an interesting piece I like the words you used and how you put them together. It was a fun challenge, a lot of good stories came out of it.

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