Friday, April 22, 2011

R for Relentless

Hello Everyone,

    I am not so good at following the schedule right?? I mean, I didn't post with right frequency for the A - Z blog-fest!! Ha, should I apologize?? Well, yes!!

    So, today, I am gonna post a excerpt from Relentless of the Lost Fleet Series.  Here is the excerpt:

“The Syndics are still the enemy,” Geary pointed out. “As long as we stay focused on that, it shouldn’t be too complicated.”

“You’re asking me to respect a politician,” she reminded him. “That is not going to be a simple or easy thing.”

He watched her for a moment, trying to understand how fleet officers like Desjani could be loyal to the Alliance yet disdain the elected leaders of the Alliance. Part of it was doubtless a very human need to find someone else to blame for the failures in the war, but Rione herself had admitted to him that the Alliance’s political leaders deserved a full share of culpability for their own actions over the last hundred years. Maybe he himself was just a living anachronism in that way, an officer who believed respect was automatically due to the leaders of the Alliance and the idea of things being otherwise was simply too hard to accept. “I guess you’ll just have to trust me that we can trust her.”

   Ha, most of the novels, I read, have this pattern in them. Army officers of highest caliber don't trust their leaders! Politicians I meant. They are willing to do anything for the call of duty from completing a mission, to killing a completely faceless stranger to sacrificing their lives. But why not believe / bother about the leaders who send these men into missions? who define the ABC's of the policy that defines their future??? What is your stand on it??

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Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Hello, this is a lovely post.

awards for you!

Thanks for being my first commenter under my award post, I am giving you the talented writer award and the magical butterfly award, hope that you do enjoy, take, and share with 1 to 5 blogging friends you know via a-z challenge.


Charmaine Clancy said...

I need to start reading more sci-fi. I guess the questioning authority scene is something familiar that readers of the genre come to expect, much like the way readers of romance expect see a couple meet and not be able to stand each other before surprisingly falling in love. We want to be surprised but we want familiarity too.
Good post.
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Author Joshua Hoyt said...

This is interesting concept and good point you bring up. It is interesting as to why we do what we do and who we trust.

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