Thursday, April 14, 2011

Character Interview for Absolute Write Blog Chain

Hello Everyone,

     Here is a blog-chain again. Absolute Write Blog Chain. The concept here is very very simple. The prompt of the blog chain is: Part one is optional: describe one of your characters in 50 words or less. Part two is where things get fun: have that character interview you!

      I am choosing a character,which I introduced already for the March Blog Chain viz Captain Akshara Shanks. I am not gonna introduce her again. Let's get into interview directly!

"Hello Captain Shanks, It's so nice to see you today" saying which I rose to receive her.

"That is very kind of you. Thanks for deciding to interview me for your blog chain"

"Ha, the pleasure is mine actually. So will you tell us how you are feeling about the interview"

"Well, I am happy. I had a lot of things to say to you in the book. There were times, when I was agonized about how you built my character. So think I can speak out a lot now. What say?" asked her winking at me.

"Oh!! Agonized why?"

"You said, I am in active duty. You said, I love army and am ready for call of nation. My goodness, I was so happy to listen to laurels of myself. I was so happy to think, how proud my dad would be, to think how the readers would react, how they would all get goose bumps when reading about my courage"

"Yeah, they surely would get goose bumps. Don't you think so?"
"They will?? I am not sure. No offense. I am to become a writer in the later part of story? Isn't the book a military fiction stuff? Am I not supposed to kick some bad ass all time?"

"Wow!! You seem to be a little obsessed with the army. Don't you think so?"

"In a busy airport, when five army brats walk in, even in perfect disguise, I will be able to spot them. Half the nation spots them, coz they are disciplined, tough and ready for duty. I too wanna be ready for duty all time. Can't I be a part time writer and full time army officer??", she asked with grace befitting a princess.

"Well, you are giving me cripes. I too asked myself, can't I do this/can't I do that? Now you are in similar situation and I can help. I shall make changes in the book. Is there anything else, you want to speak about?"

"Hmmm.. Nothing much. You are supposed to interview me. Not ask my opinion dear"

"Ho.. not anymore. I just wanna go back to my system and modify the concept of the book now! If you do permit, we shall have this interview sometime later."

"That would be fine with me. But remember, army is very serious about politeness. If possible we shall apologize to the enemy before blowing their heads!! Make me a little more polite this time"

"Ha!! Good day to you" saying which I rose to walk away.
"Good day to you too!"

 Wow,What have you gotta say about this?  Will you modify your book if one of your character comes live and speaks like this to you?? 

with warm regards


Abhishek said...

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Trisha said...

"You are giving me cripes" this amused me :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, a character who demands changes in your book? I don't know if I would oblige her, she's supposed to suffer just a little bit right :)?

Anonymous said...

Part time writer and full time army officer sounds like a good plan!

Anonymous said...

Politeness and there's a spicy combination.

Aimee Laine said...

Ah. Such fun we have with our characters. :)

Juniper said...

Captain Shanks: "I had a lot of things to say to you in the book. There were times, when I was agonized about how you built my character."

I'm sure some of mine would like an apology from me! I've caused them some agony.

Thanks for being part of the blog chain!

Anonymous said...

Ah, how we torture our characters. My MC has agonized over my portrayal of him as well. :)

De's Stories said...

Ooooh, I love hard boiled army people. Those are my favorite characters. Captain Shanks--she seems polite and kind enough on the outside, but I can tell that she is fierce.

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