Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Truth??

Who the brain child of, is defeat?
if not the price of hard work.
Who the founder is, of success
And its pleasures, if not the pains of defeat
If pains go unknown & few could know,
can ever the human lives be sensible?
As ever whined, in pleasure can…? No.
No, man can’t become more responsible
As planning preparing n doing lead,
if not to success, defeat n learning.
To where does eating, drinking, sleeping lead?
If not to whining, complaining n crying. 
The opposite faces of same coin
To be true are heads n tails
What if not the values of coin
Are the pains n pleasures


I am not writing poems these days, this is from my childhood again!! Let me know, how you feel about it!!

with warm regards


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