Monday, April 25, 2011

Life of Author

Hello Everyone,

    I have hell lot of my goals in my life. Some of them are so good, that people say I am day dreaming.  They are all my dreams but I dunno how
to start chasing them? What all I need to do were clear but I don't how to. When to?

    My dreams could be irrational but I intend to live
them all. So I was speaking to my Prof Prof Subbarangaiah Director VEDA IIT for he was special to me. His communication skills, his style and many a things in him fascinate him. I felt I could take his advice in these issues.

    Well, the talk between us could be useful to every young man out there trying to chase his dreams. So I thought I would put up a post or two about it.

    He told me, that a author intends to show happiness to people. In any book, the normal
characters create a heaven for themselves out of nothing, out of ordinary life. The reason could be anything low wonder threshold / different outlook towards common things / ...  This would only be possible if the author could see that happiness all the time. If the author could experience the same and help everyone.

    Well, that was something cool for me. I intend to become happy about everything from now on. I got
no other option. I must be happy else I can't enjoy my life and after all, Happiness is a decision in itself right???

with warm regards


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