Friday, April 15, 2011

J for Jack West Jr.

Hello Everyone,

     If you all remember, I still didn't post anything for the letter J in the A - Z blog challenge, coz, though I thought I have read hell lot of books, there isn't a book whose title starts with letter J. So I am now, choosing Six Sacred Stones in the Jack West Jr. series for posting the excerpt. 

    Well, this series, is about saving the world from the destruction by activating an old machine built by some unknown civilization / alien race. The machine is activated by placing Six pillars in the machine at specific time at specific location. Placing each of those pillars gives you some power and there are hell lot of people from all around the world (including governments, royal houses, .. ) who want to obtain those powers while a small brotherhood from Japan who want the world to end and are actively meddling with the affairs of the machine.  

   If you want to read some military fiction, with kick ass and smart ass concepts, then this series is good for you!! Just check out the same. Here is the excerpt:

    Pooh Bear gunned his Freelander—with Zoe and Alby still in it with him—accelerating hard, his eyes fixed on the loading ramp of theHali.

  The little Freelander skimmed along the highway, gaining on the plane, when suddenly

Alby called, “Look out!” and Pooh yanked on the steering wheel just in time to avoid a kamikaze style lunge from an enemy Humvee on the right.

The Humvee missed them by inches and went careering off the road, bouncing away into the dust.

“Thanks, young man!” Pooh shouted.

At that moment, Zoe’s cell phone rang. Thinking it’d be Wizard or one of the others, she answered it with a yell, “Yeah!”

“Oh, hello,”a soft female voice said pleasantly from the other end.“Is that you, Zoe? This is Lois Calvin, Alby’s mother. I was just calling to see how everything was going there on the farm.”

Zoe blanched. “Lois! Er…hi! Things are going…great…”

“Is Alby there?”

“Wha—huh?” Zoe stammered, trying to process the weirdness of receiving this call at this moment. In the end, she just handed the phone to Alby. “It’s your mother. Please be discreet.”

A missile whooshed by overhead.

“Mom…” Alby said

Zoe didn’t hear the other end of the conversation, only Alby saying,
“We’re out in the east paddock in a jeep…I’m having a great time…oh yeah, we’re keeping busy all right…Lily’s good…I will…yes, Mom…yes,Mom…okay, Mom, bye!”

He hung up and handed the cell phone back.

“Nice talkin’, kid,” Zoe said.

“My mom’d have kittens if she knew where I was now,” Alby said.

“So would my mother,” Pooh Bear growled as he pulled the Freelander right in behind the Halicarnassus and readied to zoom up its ramp when—bamthey were hit with terrible force from the left, by another Humvee that none of them had seen.

The Freelander was thrown violently to the right, out of alignment
with theHali ’s ramp, and it slammed up against the broad flank of one of the two Egyptian buses attacking the plane’s starboard wing, pinned against it by the Humvee.

“Blast!” Pooh Bear shouted.
     How is it?? Hell lot of action, in the midst of which, a kid, bravely assures his mom that everything is fine!! My goodness!! The courage and bravery of the boy is exemplary right?? Do you know of any such cool scenes??

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Jeff Beesler said...

As much as I admire the kid's bravery for telling his mother everything's okay, maybe he should've waited to answer the phone until they were out of danger. I don't know. I guess it could work either way for me.

Anyhow, thanks for sharing, and it's a pleasure meeting you from the A-Z Challenge!

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