Sunday, April 17, 2011

A scene from Naked and Dead

Hello Everyone,

  How is the A - Z blogfest going on?? Liking it??

   I have long back read a world war II based book called "The Naked and the Dead". Liked few things in it viz the style of writing. Here is one such abstract that I liked. Please do have a look:

     He looked to his right and saw three men trying to cross the river where it turned and ran parallel to the bluff. He swung the gun about and lashed them with it. One man fell, and the other two paused uncertainly and began to run back toward their own bank of the river. Croft had no time to follow them; some soldiers had reached the beach on his side and were charging the gun. He fired point blank at them, and they collapsed about five yards from his hole.

     Croft fired and fired, switching targets with the quick reflexes of an athlete shifting for a ball. As soon as he saw men falling he would attack another group. The line of Japanese broke into little bunches of men who wavered, began to retreat.

    The light of the flare went out and Croft was blinded for a moment. There was no sound again in the darkness and he fumbled for another flare, feeling an almost
desperate urgency. "Where is it?" he whispered to Gallagher.


    "Shit." Croft's hand found the flare box, and he loaded the gun again. He was  beginning to see in the darkness, and he hesitated. But something moved on the river and he fired the flare. As it burst, a few Japanese soldiers were caught motionless in the water. Croft pivoted his gun on them and fired. One of the soldiers remained standing for an incredible time. There was no expression on his face; he looked vacant and surprised even as the bullets struck him in the chest.

    Let me know about good military fiction. I am fan of them and intend to read a lot of fiction stuff coz I am writing a military fiction novel myself. But, don't tell me about military non-fiction, there is lot of suffering and gore in them. I can't take it in. What about you?? Is military fiction cool / military non - fiction??

Don't forget to grab your copy here:


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Ilene said...

This is not my type of book; however, the part that you chose to post is very poignant and expressive.
Coming to you through A-Z Challenge

Laura said...

Have you read any Sebastian Faulks? He's a very powerful novelist and has several war-time books.
Nice to meet you

Gujjari said...

Deadly scene from the "The naked and dead".
I havn't read the book, but terrible scene.

Mercy said...

I havent read this kind of fiction before, however the scene you shared was some good writing.
I am loving the challenge and am sad that it will have to end, but I will be looking forward to next year's challenge! Hope you are enjoying it just as much.

Author Joshua Hoyt said...

Not much of military fan because like you there is too much suffering and to real for me. I don't mind fantasy wars like Lord of the rings and Dragonlance.

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