Monday, April 18, 2011

Fair Weathered Guy

Hello Everyone,

I read a article somewhere long time back. It was about human behavior and relationships. I was lost in my thoughts about something painful and those thoughts reminded me about this article. The same can be summarized as follows:

Wife of some guy was torn during delivery of twins I don't know what the above statement means and believe me I still remember it. She was constantly in pain in the following few days and always required pills to endure the pain. 

The husband is the only one who can take care of the wife. The husband was in some meeting at his workplace when his wife called him explaining that she ran out of pills and needed him immediately. Well, the husband made a dash to their medical store, brought the pills. He was enraged at the so called stupidity of the wife because she couldn't plan ahead. 

He handed over the pills and started leaving the room in disgust and anger. The wife called him back saying "Don't be the fair weathered guy! Every stranger can be give a smile during normal times. Every friend can be happy in my company when I am in good mood. Please don't be fair weathered guys like them. You are the only one I have now. I am in pain and need you now."

How very true, this happens many a times with us. Everything is okay as long as our expectations are meet in a relationship. But if something goes wrong? then? Should we become strangers? Should we show our disgust / anger and just leave the room? Leaving the other to himself / herself? Cursing them and behaving like angry gorilla's?

Nope, I believe other wise. When we decide to build a relationship with someone be it friendship/love/marriage/so on .. we are supposed to support each other and help each other on bad weather days. We are supposed to stand for each other at every cost and we must.

Just have a thought about it.

with warm regards


Theresa Milstein said...

I know what torn means, and I don't blame her for being in pain. Hard to plan ahead when on pain killers and being overwhelmed with twins, I'm sure.

Why is it we can be kind to a stranger but so hard on the ones we love? It's a shame, but it's human nature.

Author Joshua Hoyt said...

I agree that it is so important to stick with our friends through thick and thin... but there is a point of course when we have to sever the ties.

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