Monday, April 18, 2011

Qualities in writers?

Hello Everyone,

    How is the A - Z blog challenge going on?? I hear all most all the bloggers telling the same thing, "we completed half of the challenge successfully and are coming to an end" It is sad, that the fun should be over so soon and all such.

    Ha, can't help. But lets enjoy the party for now and mourn later. So today, for the post on alphabet O, I am putting a small excerpt from the book One Bullet Away. Don't curse me, for most of my excerpts are from the military fiction books!

    Here are the excerpts:
          We seek to identify in each candidate those qualities of intellect, human understanding, and moral character that enable a person to inspire and to control a group of people successfully: leaders," he said. "A candidate's presence under pressure is a key indicator of leadership potential. In trying to identify Marine leaders who may someday face combat, we want to see who can think and function under stress. Stress at OCS is created in many ways, as you will see."

 "Honor, courage, and commitment are the Marines' core values," the lieutenant shouted over the engine.

He sounded scripted, but also sincere. "If you can't be honest at
OCS, how can the Corps trust you to lead men in combat?"

    Well, the characteristics needed by Marines are cool and demanding in themselves. Fine, but what about the characteristics needed by authors and writers?

    To my knowledge, we need to hold on to our guns tenaciously, never give up, learn a lot and keep on learning, read a hell lot of books, see everything from optimistic point of view, observe surroundings and analyize various people for our characters and hell lot more!! What have you gotta say about it?

with warm regards


Author Joshua Hoyt said...

This is a great post. I agree it is important for writers to follow all of these characteristics.

Carla said...

Those are great characteristics for writers! I think successful people in most types of work need similar characteristics.


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