Sunday, April 3, 2011

Iron Rule for Military Fiction

Hello Everyone,

       Hope everyone of your is enjoying the A - Z blogfest. Today, 3/4/2011, I am gonna post a excerpt from book Courageous of the Lost Fleet Series for the letter C.

      Here is the excerpt, Please do go through the same first, I will write my view on it later

Geary frowned, angry at himself and at her. “I’m worried about the condition of my ships.”

She gave him a slow look. “You’re actually upset more about the losses.” Rione’s tone was matter-of-fact. She, along with Captain Desjani and a few others, knew how little Geary was accustomed to the deaths of
ships and their crews. A hundred years ago, the loss of a single ship had been a tragedy. In the bloodbaths
that battles had degenerated into since then, a single ship was easily lost, only another name to be revived
when a replacement ship was rushed into commission. But Geary’s feelings still remained where they had
been a century ago for these people, and only several months ago for him, thanks to the survival sleep that
had kept him unchanged during that span of time.

“Of course I’m upset about the losses,” Geary stated shortly, trying to rein in his temper.

“That’s to your credit.” Rione sat, her face turned toward the list of ships. “I still fear the day when Black
Jack will be comfortable with such losses.”

      Struck in a never ending hundred years war, acting fleet admiral Geary, is still bothered about loss of everyone one of his mates. The war is not his, he is outdated, he was in survival sleep for hundred years when he was miraculously saved by the fleet. The world as he knows ended and has advanced like hell.

        Still, this man is bothered about everyone out there. He still takes care about everyone of his men, fights with them, tries to defend them and when he can't he asks their souls and their families for forgiveness. My goodness. Is that what we expect in a military fiction book?

       War is not about guns or bombs, war is about people. It is about people who cannot or are unwilling to resolve their differences through discussion or other non-violent means. Movies and television use guns and explosions to draw attention and awe the audience. People like being awed and that is what producers want to do to people. In my opinion producers or script writers are too lazy to do any research so their stories are severely lacking when it comes to reality. It is always easier to make up things for dramatic effect than to face the reality that can be less dramatic says

      Yeah, read any good military fiction, one thing is evident, military fiction is not just about bombs and ammo. It is about people. In case any one of you is into military fiction genre, don't forget these golden words!! Ha Ha!! Are there any other simple tips like these that improve your book immediately?? If yes, Please do share them with me!!

      I know the pictures here are out of place!!! But I want them there!! My blog, My wish!!!

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Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Military is out of m realm but I like the pics right where they are.

(Thought we had Sundays off from A-Z, no?)


Golden Eagle said...

I've come across several books that just focus on the drama--and not the more personal story behind the officers and other characters. One book that I thought managed to avoid that kind of glory-through-violence was Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers.

Abhishek said...

Hey Deirdra Eden Coppel,
thanks for the award!!!

I should go through the book Golden Eagle, I will surely give it a try!!!

Yeah Mary Vaughn, I forgot about the Sunday rule! I am out of town actually !!!

I will remember the rule from now on!!

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