Monday, April 11, 2011

Lots of Military Stuff for A - Z blog challenge

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For the A - Z blogfest, I am gonna post excerpt from ICE STATION by Matthew Reilly. Well, Matthew Reilly is one of my favorite authors. His books are usually super fast paced and contain lot of destruction built on military themes!! Sounds fun right?? Welcome to the party!!!

Here is a small excerpt, telling about erasers!!
"What are erasers?" Sarah asked.

"What? Oh," Schofield said. He only just remembered that Sarah wasn't a soldier. He took a deep breath. "Eraser is the term used to describe an explosive device that is planted in a battlefield by a covert incursionary force for use in the event that their mission fails. Most of the time, an eraser is set off by a delay switch, which is just an ordinary timer."

"OK, wait a minute. Slow down," Sarah said.

Schofield sighed, slowed down. "Small crack units like these French guys we met tonight usually find themselves fighting in places where they're not supposed to be, right? Like there would probably be an international incident if it could be proved that French troops were in a U.S. research station trying to kill everybody, right?"


"Well, there's no guarantee that these crack units are gonna succeed in getting what they came for, is there," Schofield said. "I mean, hey, they might come up against a team of tough hombres like us and wind up dead."

Schofield grabbed a parka off a hook on the wall and began to put it on.

He said, "Anyway, these days, nearly all elite teams—the French Parachute Regiment, the SAS, the Navy SEALs— nearly all of them carry contingency plans just in case they fail in their missions. We call those contingency plans 'erasers' because that's exactly what they're designed to do: erase that whole team's existence. Make it look like that team was never there. Sometimes they're called cyanide pills, because if any of the enemy are caught, the eraser will ultimately act as their suicide pill."

"So, you're talking about explosives," Sarah said.

"I'm talking about special explosives," Schofield said. "Most of the time erasers are either chlorine-based explosives or high-temperature liquid detonators. They're designed to wipe off faces, vaporize bodies, destroy uniforms and dog tags. They're designed to make it look like you were never there.

You loved it??? Here is one more from the master!!

The two nitrogen charges on the bridge went off.

Supercooled liquid nitrogen blasted out in every direction on C-deck, splattering every SAS commando on the surrounding catwalk.

The results were horrifying.

Nitrogen charges are like no other grenade—for the simple fact that they do not have to penetrate the skin of their victims in order to kill them.

The theory behind their effectiveness is based on the special qualities of water—water is the only naturally occurring substance on earth that expands when it is cooled. When a human body is hit by a burst of supercooled liquid nitrogen, that body becomes very cold, very fast. Blood cells freeze instantly, and being made up of approximately 70% water, they begin to expand rapidly. The result: total body hemorrhage.
And when every single blood cell in a human body explodes it makes for a horrifying sight.

        Truth / Fiction, whatever it is, I am very very happy about the works of Matthew Reilly whether it is ScareCrow series / Jack West Jr. series. I just love them. What about you?? Who is your favorite military fiction author?? and Why???

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Theresa Milstein said...

What a cool idea to use the letter for book tites.

I am not a military fiction reader so I can't recommend anyone.

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